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AGLS Board nominations

AGLS Board member responsibilities

The AGLS Board is composed of 10 senior government lawyers from across the Australian Government agencies, plus a standing member from the Attorney General's Department. Membership is limited to one member per Australian Government agency (with the exception of the Attorney-General's Department), unless otherwise agreed.

Since its appointment in November 2020, the AGLS Board has focussed on establishing key governance frameworks that will support the aims of the AGLS for years to come.

This has included developing:

  • the AGLS Strategic Plan
  • AGLS committee charters and work plans
  • the AGLS stakeholder engagement and communications plan.

The strategic plan identifies key AGLS activities and is structured around 3 themes: governance, engagement and professional development.

The board oversees these streams of work, with key contributions and support from several AGLS committees. Nominated board sponsors work closely with the chairs of each committee. The Office of Legal Services Coordination (OLSC) within the Attorney General's Department provides secretariat support to the board.

The board meets at least 4 times per year. Meetings generally occur in Canberra, but as AGLS Board members are geographically diverse, teleconference and audio-visual conference facilities are available.

Board activities

The board has overseen a range of activities to support government lawyers. These include:

  • The very popular Foundational Australian Government Lawyer Training program, which provides training to new government lawyers on the fundamental topics relevant to their work, delivered by senior government lawyers.
  • The first test phase of the Australian Government Legal Advice Database has been completed. When fully built, the database will allow government lawyers to benefit from the knowledge and prior work of their colleagues across government. OLSC is leading this project with support from the board.
  • Convening a new Legal Risk Committee, which brings together the heads of legal from all departments and a selection of agencies to discuss issues of shared interest.
  • The inaugural AGLS Conference held on 14 October 2021. The conference was delivered virtually due to the pandemic, and with 920 registered attendees was an outstanding success. The theme 'DNA of a government lawyer' highlighted the strong bond between technical legal expertise and people skills in modern legal practice.
  • The board has developed a heads of legal induction package and strategy to welcome and support lawyers appointed as general counsel for the first time. This is in the process of being made available to heads of legal.
  • A Legal Circles Group Mentoring program, which supports the development of government lawyers through small group mentoring.

Becoming an AGLS Board member

The Secretary of the Attorney-General's Department, or their delegate, appoints all board members, based on the advice of OLSC.

Once a year (or at other times as necessary), AGD will seek expressions of interest from senior government lawyers to fill any board vacancies.

As set out in the AGLS Board Terms of Reference, members serve on a volunteer basis.

Membership seeks to reflect cultural, gender and regional diversity. It is also intended to reflect the full range of different types of Australian Government agencies. As much as possible, membership draws from:

  • Departments and other non-corporate Commonwealth entities
  • corporate Commonwealth entities
  • Australian Government Solicitor
  • small and mid-size agencies
  • Canberra-based agencies
  • Non-Canberra based agencies.

Membership will also reflect diverse agency functions including policy, regulatory, specialist and operational.

An agency head must provide their written endorsement for any board nominations from their agency.

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For more information about the role of an AGLS Board member, you can also contact a current board member. Contact us and we can put you in touch.

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