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AGLS Strategic Plan

Published date

AGLS vision statement

The AGLS is a professional network of government lawyers:

  • enabling its members to be the best government lawyers they can be, and
  • supporting consistent legal services and the management of legal risk across the Commonwealth.

The AGLS board facilitates the vision of the AGLS, supported by the AGLS committees, through a focus on information sharing, collaboration, guidance and training.

The strategic plan sets out the purpose and activities for the AGLS across 3 streams: governance, engagement and professional development.


Strategic plan

2022-23 Strategic plan image


Plan contents


The AGLS board will develop the AGLS structure and policies by:

  • conducting an annual review of governance arrangements
  • conducting an annual review of board (and committee) performance
  • ensuring committee structure and resourcing remains fit for purpose.


The AGLS will facilitate engagement between senior lawyers on whole-of-government legal issues and build a community of leaders of the government lawyer profession. This will be achieved by:

  • enlisting agency heads and all heads of legal in support of the AGLS
  • maximising AGLS conference engagement opportunities
  • continuing to develop the Australian Government Legal Advice Database.

The AGLS will promote awareness of whole-of-government legal issues or initiatives by:

  • creating awareness of the work of the AGLS for whole-of-government legal issues
  • using the Legal Risk Committee effectively to create awareness.

The work of the AGLS will connect and share information with government lawyers working across Australia in corporate and non-corporate Commonwealth entities by:

  • continuing to support the development of the Australian Government Legal Advice Database
  • facilitating opportunities for formal and informal networking.

The AGLS will promote broad participation and involvement in its activities through:

  • updating the communication and stakeholder engagement plan
  • identifying national champions to encourage participation across the Commonwealth
  • embedding national engagement as a priority part of all strategies.

Professional development

The AGLS will support a culture of coordinated delivery of legal services and the consistent management of legal risk by:

  • deploying the heads of legal induction package.

The AGLS will establish a professional model for government lawyers, including professional standards, government legal practices and training modules by:

  • developing a coordinated program for continuing professional development
  • providing formal training opportunities.