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AGLS Board 2021 Annual Report

The annual report outlines the key achievements, initiatives, challenges and learnings from the AGLS’s first year of operation.
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Legal Circles Group Mentoring Program Information Pack

The Legal Circles Group Mentoring Program aims to match suitably qualified APS legal mentors with a small group of new or new-to-government lawyers in a formal mentoring relationship.

Statement of expectations of Australian Government lawyers

The draft 'Statement of expectations of Commonwealth government lawyers' is informed by the 2017 Secretary's Review of Commonwealth Legal Services . The AGLS Board prepared it in consultation with government lawyers.

Legal Risk Committee Terms of Reference

The purpose of the Legal Risk Committee (LRC) is to provide a forum for the dissemination, sharing and discussion among senior government lawyers of matters relevant to the management of Commonwealth legal risk.
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AGLS Strategic Plan

The Strategic plan sets out the purpose and activities for the AGLS across 3 streams: governance, engagement and personal development.

General Counsel Charter

Endorsed by the head of the AGLS, the General Counsel Charter identifies Commonwealth General Counsel's obligations as part of the broader leadership cohort within the AGLS. It also sets out how AGD’s Office of Legal Services Coordination (OLSC) will support General Counsel to meet those obligations.
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AGLS Board Terms of reference

The terms of reference set out the purpose, functions, composition and administration of the AGLS Board, as well as the AGLS committee structure.
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Secretary’s Review of Commonwealth Legal Services

In December 2015, the Australian Government tasked the Secretary of the Attorney-General's Department to conduct a review of Commonwealth legal services. The findings and recommendations drew upon the expertise and experience of a diverse and highly engaged group of stakeholders across many Commonwealth entities and the legal services sector. It makes a number of wide ranging recommendations for improvements to the Commonwealth legal services framework.
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Independent Review of the Australian Public Service

In May 2018, the Australian Government commissioned an independent review of the APS to ensure it is fit-for-purpose to serve all Australians for the coming decades. The terms of reference sought a review of the capability, culture and operating model of the APS and practical recommendations to ensure the APS best serves the Australian Government and people: providing security, driving productivity, and improving the experience of government for citizens. The review was also asked to consider the suitability of the APS’s architecture and governing legislation and its effective delivery of outcomes for Australians.
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