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Foundational Australian Government Lawyer Training Program

The next Foundational Australian Government Lawyer Training (GLT) program will be held from 20 to 22 November 2023, from 9:00am until 5:00pm each day at the National Gallery of Australia. Further details about the program will be advertised through the government lawyer contact list. Please ensure you subscribe to the mailing list and/or update your details if you have changed roles or moved to another government agency.

About the course

The GLT program takes a strategic, consistent, whole-of-government approach to legal training for Australian Government lawyers in the early stages of their careers in the public service. It is sponsored by the Australian Government Legal Service (AGLS) Board, with a GLT Working Group managing the agenda and guest speaker program.

The presenters come from a broad range of Australian Government agencies, allowing for participants to engage in topics with cross-Commonwealth examples from both in-house lawyers and the Australian Government Solicitor.

The training takes place over 3 days in Canberra, is held twice a year and provides networking opportunities.

Course content

The program is designed to deliver cost-effective training on foundational competencies for graduate lawyers, junior lawyers or lawyers new to government, and is developed and delivered by senior lawyers from within government.

Topics covered include the role of a government lawyer, administrative law and good decision-making, managing legal risk, and work and wellbeing for new to government lawyers.

The program provides the opportunity for early-career lawyers to build cross agency networks and a sense of identity and community as Australian Government lawyers.

Feedback from previous participants

Very informative and covered key government lawyer essentials – it would be great if this could be a requirement for new government lawyers.

Great to get a whole of government legal service perspective and to learn about a really wide range of topics, even those I don’t work on.

Presenters were all knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic on their topics.

It has been great to hear from lawyers from varying backgrounds.

Please note: The Foundational Australian Government Lawyer Training Program is not associated with the offerings provided by the Sydney-based company Legalwise Seminars.

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