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Legal Circles Group Mentoring Program

About the program

The Legal Circles Group Mentoring Program aims to match suitably qualified APS legal mentors with a small group of new or new-to-government lawyers in a formal mentoring relationship.

In group mentoring, a mentor supports the professional development of a group of mentees. The mentor acts as a facilitator, asks questions to identify common issues, ensures discussion is focussed and shares knowledge. Group members can benefit from the experience of others in the group as well as the mentor. Whilst the mentor may discuss matters individually (if required), the primary focus of the program is on contact within group meetings. The mentor will not provide solutions to specific legal problems, day-to-day supervision or specialised human resources support.

The AGLS Professional Development Committee runs the program. There is no cost to participants, but the program relies on the volunteer time of mentors and mentees. Applicants are responsible for gaining any necessary agency approvals to participate in the program, noting that group meetings may be held during business hours.

Acceptance into the program is based on an assessment of the expressions of interest and is at the AGLS Professional Development Committee’s discretion.

They will allocate mentors and mentees based on considerations such as:

  • general availability
  • location
  • agency
  • interest
  • experience
  • expertise
  • potential to benefit from the program.

We will advertise details for all future offerings through the government lawyer contact list.

To make sure you receive information about this program, subscribe or update your contact details on the government lawyer contact list.


Benefits of a group mentoring program include:

  • Professional development –  mentees are provided with advice and support in meeting career development goals. The program aims to enhance participants' leadership and management skills in a legal context.
  • Leadership development – mentors learn management and leadership skills at a broader level, beyond day-to-day supervision
  • Networking – as  the mentors and mentees will come from various agencies, the program provides networking opportunities for all participants.

The legal profession has a proud tradition of practitioners supporting each other in the development of their careers. The AGLS seeks to facilitate greater engagement of this nature between Australian Government lawyers through a group mentoring program.

How to participate in the 2022-23 program

The AGLS is seeking expressions of interest from AGLS members to participate as mentors and mentees in the AGLS’s Legal Circles Group Mentoring Program (Legal Circles Program) for 2022–23.

The AGLS is also looking for mentors to group with government lawyers at different stages of their careers. We encourage potential mentors at all levels as the program offers an opportunity to develop those skills.

Proposed program

Applications for the Legal Circles Program are accepted from all over Australia, with mentoring groups established based upon the availability of mentors and mentees. The program consists of an initial orientation session followed by approximately 6 group meetings to discuss career development issues. These group meetings are organised by the groups themselves. The Legal Circles Program Handbook contains suggestions for the content of group meetings however each group may determine their own content as relevant to their circumstances. A final meeting will provide the opportunity to reflect on the program.


Stage Activity Date


Application and assessment process for mentors and mentees.

October 2022


Discussion of program format, content, expectations of participants and confidentiality.

November 2022


Monthly group meets to discuss career development issues of mentees.

November 2022 to October 2023


Final meeting to reflect on learning, discuss future activity and provide feedback.

November 2023

Applicants (both mentees and mentors) should ensure that they are willing and able to make the time commitment required to complete the program. We recommend groups meet at least once every 6 weeks. We anticipate the time commitment for mentees to be around 4 hours per month and for mentors around 6 hours per month.

Participant eligibility

The program is open to Australian Government lawyers of all employment classifications. Further, we encourage applications from:

  • Mentees who are committed to a mentoring relationship
  • Mentors who are willing to support the development of our emerging talent.

Expressions of interest

To participate as a mentee or a mentor in the 2022-23 program, please email with a:

EOIs are due by 5:00 pm (AEST), Friday 21 October 2022.

Before submitting your EOI, please consider the information provided in the following documents:

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For more information, contact us:

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