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Legal Circles Group Mentoring Program

About the program

The Legal Circles Group Mentoring Program aims to match suitably qualified APS legal mentors with a small group of new or new to government lawyers in a formal mentoring relationship.

In group mentoring, a mentor supports the professional development of a group of mentees. The mentor acts as a facilitator, asks questions to identify common issues, ensures discussion is focussed and shares knowledge. Group members can benefit from the experience of others in the group as well as the mentor. Whilst the mentor may discuss matters individually (if required), the primary focus of the program is on contact within group meetings. The mentor will not provide solutions to specific legal problems, day-to-day supervision or specialised human resources support.

The program is run by the AGLS Professional Development Committee and is provided at no cost to participants, but relies on the volunteer time of mentors and mentees. It is the responsibility of applicants to obtain any agency approvals required for their participation in the program, noting that group meetings may be held during business hours.

Acceptance into the program is based on an assessment of the expressions of interest and is at the discretion of the AGLS Professional Development Committee. Mentors and mentees will be allocated based on consideration of matters such as general availability, location, agency, interest, experience, expertise and potential to benefit from the program.

Details for all future offerings will be advertised through the government lawyer contact list. To ensure that you receive information about this program, please subscribe or update your contact details on the government lawyer contact list.


Benefits of a group mentoring program include:

  • Professional development: Mentees are provided with advice and support in meeting career development goals. The program aims to enhance participants' leadership and management skills in a legal context.
  • Leadership development: Mentors learn management and leadership skills at a broader level, beyond day-to-day supervision
  • Networking: As the mentors and mentees will come from various agencies, the program provides networking opportunities for all participants.
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