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Legal Services Directions 101 Training

The Office of Legal Services Coordination (OLSC) offers training on the Legal Services Directions 2017 (Directions).

The hour-long training, delivered via Teams, outlines why the Directions exist, the obligations they impose on Commonwealth agencies in their legal practice, and the essential aspects of the Directions that a government lawyer should know.

The training covers:

  • what OLSC does
  • a high-level overview of the role of the Directions and how OLSC administers them
  • Significant Issues regime
  • reporting of Significant Issues
  • settling of Significant Issues
  • Significant Legal Issues Committee
  • counsel engagement
  • consultation for sharing and seeking legal advice
  • tied work
  • model litigant obligation
  • compliance and reporting under the Directions.

At the end of the training, participants will know:

  • why we have the Directions
  • who to talk to if they have a question about the application of the Directions including tied work.
  • how to spot issues in their day-to-day work which interact with the Directions, especially in the areas of model litigant obligations and tied work.

To find out about future 101 training sessions, sign up to our LSD101 mailing list. We will only use this mailing list to inform you of the LSD101 training.

For questions about the training, email us at