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Wellbeing support for legal professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic

While work continues through the COVID-19 pandemic in one form or another, it is important to look after your mental and physical health.

In addition to the support offered by your agency, we have provided some links and resources more specifically for you as a government legal professional. 

Somewhere to start

State and Territory Law Societies

Law Societies in each state and territory are offering a variety of advice and local support. 

  1. The Law Council of Australia
  2. The Law Society of the ACT
  3. The Law Society of New South Wales
  4. The Law Society NT 
  5. The Law Society of South Australia
  6. The Law Society of Tasmania
  7. The Law Institute of Victoria
  8. The Law Society of Western Australia 
  9. The Queensland Law Society

Mental health resources

Other relevant links

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