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AGLS Board

The AGLS board is made up of heads of legal practices and other senior government lawyers from Australian Government agencies. Under the AGLS Terms of Reference, there are 11 members appointed to the AGLS board. A senior representative from the Government Division of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and a senior representative from the Australian Government Solicitor, have a standing invitation to participate in all board meetings.

The board met for the first time in 2023 on 27 February. The board farewelled 4 members and welcomed 5 new members. Members reappointed Lisa Keeling as AGLS board chair and appointed Sally Hill as deputy chair.

AGLS board group photo

AGLS Board members

Lisa Keeling – Board Chair

General Counsel, Australian Digital Health Agency

Lisa Keeling profile picture

Kathryn Haigh

First Assistant Secretary, Legal Services and Royal Commissions Division, Attorney-General’s Department

Profile photo of Kathryn Haigh

Andrew Evers

General Counsel, Department of Defence

Andrew Evers profile pic

Eliza Amparo

Assistant Director, Organised Crime and National Security, Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions

Headshot - Eliza Amparo

Jadd Sanson-Fisher

General Counsel, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

Jane Temby

General Counsel, Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water

Portrait of Jane Temby

Justine Ross

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Counsel, Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency

Justine Ross profile picture

Miriam Moore

Acting Chief Counsel, Department of Health and Aged Care

Miriam Moore profile picture

Sally Hill – Deputy Chair

Assistant Secretary, Office of the National Data Commissioner, Department of Finance

Portrait of Sally Hill

Shanti Rama

General Counsel, Indigenous Business Australia

Headshot of Shanti Rama

Tim Lear

General Counsel and National Manager, Legal and Enforcement, AUSTRAC

Headshot of Tim Lear

AGLS Board meetings – Standing invitees

Clare Derix

Senior Executive Lawyer and Canberra commercial Team Leader, Australian Government Solicitor

Clare Derix profile photo

Branko Ananijevski

A/g Assistant Secretary, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet


The AGLS board is supported by AGLS committees and an informal forum, with nominated board sponsors working closely with the chairs of each committee. The AGLS committees and board sponsors are:

  • Conference Committee – board sponsors Clare Derix, Eliza Amparo and Justine Ross
  • Engagement and Communication Committee – board sponsors Jane Temby and Shanti Rama
  • Professional Development Committee – board sponsors Andrew Evers and Sally Hill
  • Legal Practice Managers’ Forum – board sponsor Miriam Moore

Find out more about AGLS committees, including how to get involved.

Contact us to ask about AGLS board and committee membership.

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