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Leadership team

The governance structure for the AGLS has been finalised, including terms of reference for the AGLS Board and a proposed structure for board committees. Visit the Terms of reference page to find out more.

The AGLS will be led by a board composed of General Counsel, heads of legal and experienced government lawyers. It will be supported by several committees. The board will be established ahead of the AGLS launch. 

The AGLS Transition Steering Committee is guiding the transition process from the AGLN to the AGLS. It comprises representatives from the General Counsel Working Group, the current AGLN Board and other agencies.

The committee meets to discuss matters such as:

  • governance arrangements for the AGLS (developing terms of reference for the AGLS Board and the proposed structure of AGLS committees)
  • developing a General Counsel Charter
  • establishing a definition of ‘government lawyer’
  • funding options for the AGLS.

The committee makes recommendations to the Secretary of the Attorney-General’s Department.

It is intended that AGLS Board members will generally be limited to one member per agency. Board membership composition will aim to reflect diversity based on:

  • culture
  • gender
  • location
  • agency type (e.g. corporate or non-corporate Commonwealth entities, small–large agencies)
  • function (policy, regulatory, specialist, smaller and larger operational, in accordance with the APSC functional clusters model). 

Once established, AGLS Board members will be listed here, along with details of the committees that support the board.

Contact us to ask about AGLS Board and committee membership.

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